Friday, May 26, 2017

Bricking Solutions Arch Runaway Test

Whenever we manufacture a new design of one of our products, we put it to the test and come up with real, worst case scenarios that could happen. Here is a video of a runaway arch on a bricking machine. The test was very successful as you can see.

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Taking You to New Heights

Did you know that Bricking Solutions builds platforms for Isamelt Furnaces? Here is our recent order to Kansanshi Mining which includes a custom Ez Lift Suspended Platform built for 3 different sizes. Suspended by a trolley that spans the length of beams enables the platform to move into a different sections of furnace. 

Frame Design: 6061-T6 Aluminum. As strong as Steel but 1/3 the weight

Perf-O-Grip: Planking Light-weight, perforated aluminum panels for non slip surface and less build up

Adjustability: Adjustable over 1M diameter while suspended with outer panel change-out
Stability: Mechanical outrigger to maneuver and stabilize the platform

Suspended with 6 wire hoists: Raise and lower the assembly by manual or powered hoists. 6000 lb (680 kg) max capacity

Safety Fall Guards: Keeps workers safe while in the vessel

Safety Standards: Able to meet local standards as/if required

Overhead Trolley: Trolley spans the length of beams to be able to move the platform to a different section.

Platform Capacity:  6,000 lb (2,722 kg) Personnel and material

Platform Weight: 1,000 lb - 2,500 lb (450 kg - 1,100 kg)

Outrigger Movement: Extend in either direction up to 40 in (1M) to stabilize on outer wall or inner structure

 Vertical Movement: Raise / Lower Speed: 35 / Min (11m / min) with SC series electric hoists

Component Details: Each component is 40 lb (18 kg) or less and can t through a 22 in (560 mm) access hole

 Modular Design: Comes on a custom pallet for storage or can be lifted by a crane

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Work Smarter, Not Harder

 Today, working harder is not enough. Successful cement operations are more about finding new, efficient ways of doing the work in order to increase profits and outsmart the competition. You know that all too well.

That’s why you see a growing number of Brokk machines and Bricking Solutions equipment in cement kilns around the world – the intelligent demolition powerhouse that offers strength and flexibility combined with the safest, most efficient installation products is a sure way to minimize plant shut down time and maximize workplace ergonomics in a unique, safe way. 

Whether you need more power or precision for demolishing a cement kiln with remote controlled Brokk machines, or the custom installation equipment of Bricking Solutions, both will get the hard job done. With our long list of versatile products, Brokk demolition machines and Bricking Solutions refractory installation equipment are the smartest maintenance solution in both horizontal and vertical vessels.

Brokk and Bricking Solutions make up your smart and safe complete Circle of Refractory Maintenance


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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The World Leader in Refractory Maintenance Products - It's all we do.

We are the world leader in Refractory Maintenance Products and we have been manufacturing equipment for cement kilns since 1967.
Bricking Solutions, formerly Pneumat-O-Ring International, has built and sold over 1000 bricking machine world wide, as well as over 800 related equipment such as; access ramps, conveyors, safety cages and more.

We have sold all over the world to companies such as; LafargeHolcim, Cemex, Italicementi, Dangote, Ultratech, Essroc, Sinoma, ACC, Heidelberg, Aditya and many more.

Our engineering team gives us a wide range of design and manufacturing experience.  Among our engineering tools are SOLIDWORKS (solid modeling and drafting) and Simulation (Finite Element Analysis) software, aiding us in producing the highest quality products.  

Our products adhere to OSHA safety standards, ANSI or CSA based on the customer, and CE when applicable. In addition, controlled failure testing is done in our shop to prove out the calculated simulations. 

 The products are manufactured in house by our team of AWS Certified Welders having a collective of 50 years experience fabricating our equipment.

Bricking Solutions uses local, high quality materials. All structural components are manufactured from 6061-T6 high strength aluminum. 

Our Circle of Refractory Maintenance contains every product you need for all your complete refractory maintenance needs. From kiln access and muck out, to brick alignment, brick transfer and installation, all backed by our after sales technical support. 

Refractory Maintenance Solutions - It's what we do

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Introducing our Newest Bricking Machine - The Ez Flexx50 - Lightest Machine In the Industry

It is with much pride that Bricking Solutions introduces their newest bricking machine, the EZFlexx50. The EZFlexx50 improves upon the industry leading EZFlexx bricking machine with innovative designs on both the frame and the arches. These new designs not only significantly decrease assembly and disassembly times, but cut down on the overall weight of the machine and allow for much easier maintenance of the machine, all while maintaining Bricking Solutions’ industry leading capacities and work platform sizes. 

The Frame:
As has been the standard for Bricking Solutions equipment for decades, the frames of the EZFlexx50 are made from 6061-T6 Aluminum – providing all the strength of steel at 1/3 the weight. Beyond that, though, is where the innovations starts. The main frame legs are no longer rigid, welded structures. Instead, they fold and unfold. This allows for easier storage, transportation and assembly all without sacrificing safety or strength.

Assembly of the frames has also been vastly improved. This has been done by re-engineering the frame structure to remove complexity and provide symmetry. While those two alone would have simplified the assembly greatly, Bricking Solutions took it one giant step further by removing all the bolted connections and replacing them with pins and retainer clips. No more digging around for the right size bolts, just grab a pin, insert and go.

Once the frame assembly is completed, you end up with the lightest frame assembly in the industry; one that took about 10 minutes to put together. We have tested and proven that an experienced crew can easily assembly the frames in 10 minutes. Once the frames are assembled, the decking only takes a few short minutes more to install as it, too, is now symmetrical and secured with hitch pins.


The Arch
One of the most noticeable improvements on the EZFlexx50 is the arch. By adding cutouts to the arch panels, each panel – and thereby the overall arch- weight has been greatly reduced. This weight reduction contributes to ease in carrying (1 person per panel) and assembly. The unique design also allows for easy inspection of the cylinders and hoses. Attaching one panel to the next is done with three wing-nuts. The one thing that should be most apparent throughout the assembly process is that there are no tools needed. No wrenches, no screwdrivers, no micrometers. Just a crew of 4-5 men.

Arch Adjustment
The arch adjustment on the EZFlexx50 has also undergone changes to make it easier. By utilizing screw-jacks, the complete arch can be quickly raised or lowered as needed, whether going through a tapered area or having to deal with major kiln distortion. The wing panels are also easily adjustable via the wing-nuts that hold the hinge plates in place. All of this adjustment adds up to quicker throughput time during your bricking process. 
Repairable Cylinders
New for the EZFlexx50 are repairable cylinders. Unlike our previous cylinders, which were sealed with only the handle and valve replaceable, the seals in the cylinders on the EZFlexx50 can be repaired in the field. These same cylinders can be used on older machines as well. You will just have to open up the mounting holes a bit to accommodate larger screws.

The Numbers
How do all these improvements equate to the bottom dollar? Let’s start with assembly times:
EZFlexx50                        30-45 minutes
EZFlexx                             2-3 hours
Competition                       6-8 hours
Now, for arguments sake, let’s say you have a 6-man crew that costs you $200/man hour. You can see upwards of $1050 savings in the first day of use over the competition. On top of that, you can gain what is, essentially, a shift of closeout. With disassembly going just as quick as assembly, you’ll save upwards of another $1000 in labor at the end as well. That’s $2000 you’ve saved with just one use, and that doesn’t reflect what you’ll save with increased efficiency while actually using the on the EZFlexx50.
With all the engineering, R&D and testing that has gone into the EZFlexx50, one would expect the cost to increase. But, part of the scope of the redesign included revamping our manufacturing processes which resulted in lower costs. This savings we are passing on to you, our customers.

Bricking Solutions, Inc.
Jeff Mirisola
Manager, BBS Technical Services

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Never been used, 2014 S70 Bobcat for discounted price

We are offering a Bobcat S70 Compact Loader for $18,500. The loader has never been used and is a 2014 model. Ready for shipping today!

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Radialign Laser price reduced significantly!

Great News! We have a fantastic opportunity from now until the end of the year on our Radialign Lasers. We have a huge price reduction of over $4,000 off the original pricing.

The Radialign laser ensures the precise placement of each row of brick. Radially aligned brick is vital for longer brick life and less downtime. Radialign can be assembled and ready fro use in less than  30 minutes.

The old method of using the radial welds inside of the kiln has been replaced by the Radialign. Marking the kiln every 10ft (3m) allows the masons to ensure proper radial alignment.

The Radialign produces a continuous laser light parallel to kiln’s axis which is intercepted by a rotating pent a-prism device. This refracts the laser perpendicular onto the circumference of the kiln shell. This line can be marked at points along the kiln, which are then used as an exact reference for installation of the refractory.

 Durable transport box hold brick alignment device. Comes with rechargeable batteries
and A/C Adapter.

Watch the Radialign in action here!
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