Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bedding Cart

 Bricking Solutions knows that efficient handling of refractory can make or break a relining project. The Bedding Cart not only allows for the movement of bedding refractory as the bedding process progresses, but provides stair steps to facilitate the placement of refractory to or just above the spring line on larger kilns.

In addition, the deck is on wheels and holds one to two pallets of brick allowing the brick to move in conjunction with the work. A pre built bedding cart is a one time cost for a fixture that can be used over and over again whereas the standard method of erecting wood staging involves reoccurring cost of labor and material to build. In addition, bedding carts help increase the speed of refractory installation thus reducing outage time and increasing production.

  • Polyurethane wheels to protect new brick.
  • Ergonomically correct stair step design.
  • Lightweight aluminum construction.
  • Forklift pockets for ease of transport in and out of kiln.
  • Capacity for one to two pallets of brick.
  • Custom designed and engineered for adjust-ability and kiln diameters.  

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pass Thru Trolley

The Pass Thru Trolley allows a full pallet of refractory / brick to be placed onto the bricking rig from the down kiln end by a forklift, and then the pallet can be moved under the arch to the up kiln end where it can be easily accessed

Bricking Solution’s EZ Flexx machines have a 5.2M (17ft) platform with a 6,810 kg (15,000 lb) capacity. This allows for 3 full pallets of brick, plus men and equipment on the machine. The EZ Flexx double arch trolley moves on rails on the platform. The RTS has a brick pallet cart that rolls on a different set of rails. From the down kiln end, a full pallet will be placed on the brick pallet cart with a fork lift. The masons will then remove the arch trolley steps and push the full brick pallet under the arch to the up kiln end of the machine. Once the brick pallet cart is locked in place, the masons will reinstall the arch trolley steps. This will provide the masons with a full pallet of refractory which is then easily accessible and will limit the amount of brick handling. Once the brick is used and unloaded from the pallet, the empty pallet cart can then roll under the arch trolley for the next pallet of brick to be loaded on the machine. 

You can see the full video here:  Pass Thru Trolley Video

For more information please visit our website: www.brickingsolutions.com

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bolt together Bricking Rig for a furnace with limited access

It is always gratifying to receive a message like the one below. Bricking Solutions lived up to its name by solving a limited access issue (48” man access port) along with the challenge of furnishing a large adjustable machine for multiple diameter (16” and 19” Brick I D), multi brick layer cylindrical furnace in a Sulfuric Acid Generation Process.

The result was a unique bolt together machine that just fit the bill resulting in the nice testimonial below.


Good to hear from you.  The machine worked very well and exceeded our production figures we had for the project.   The conveyor worked out great and moved materials in and out very efficiently.  The project finished up early and the client was very happy!

Thanks to “The Bricking Solutions Team” for providing the rig and conveyor that made this project successful!

You can always use us for a reference.  Also, if you get in a bind and need a rig to rent – call me, we may be able to work together on it.


Rodney Rudell

Southwest Refractory of Texas