Friday, February 17, 2012

Without a Bridge your Kiln is an Island

Recently our International Sales Manager, Daniel Chavis went and visited the Lehigh Hanson Cement Plant. Daniel and the production manager discussed a possible new kiln access ramp. She explained in their current situation their only access to their 9' kiln was through a side door entrance on the hood. 
This scene and others are very familiar.  Your crew steps onto the burn floor in preparation for kiln maintenance.  The door is opened.  The kiln is cooling down.  The outage clock begins to tick.  Will your crew safely, easily, and quickly cross the gap between the burn floor and the kiln?  Or has your kiln become an island?  Cement plants worldwide come up with many unusual ways to bridge that gap.  Unfortunately, most solutions are heavy, cumbersome, and often unsafe.

With safety as the priority, kiln access should be engineered taking in account the burn floor configuration to create a custom designed access which safely, easily, and quickly provides a ramp into the kiln.   With safety in mind, the design must meet International standards (and American where applicable) reducing safe access concerns for your workers and put a smile on your safety officer’s face when checking your kiln access ramp.

Not all burn floors are created equal.   It’s easy to design a ramp when there are no obstructions or elevation issues.  Straight access to the kiln is ideal, however not realistic.  Unfortunately each burn floor and kiln presents many different engineering design problems.

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