Monday, April 30, 2012

New 40mm Cylinders

Why the need for this change?
Since many of our customers have air quality and air volume issues we have decided to change to 40mm cylinders. These new cylinders will not only have the same hole spacing for installation as the 30mm cylinders but the new shafts will fit in either the new 40mm cylinders or the old 30mm cylinders so there is no need for us to carry more inventory.

These new 40mm cylinders require less air pressure to activate than the 30mm cylinders but also have a larger bumper (pad) for better brick surface contact. This bumper (pad) can be either articulating or fixed.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

PPT Trinidad Cement 11/07/2011 Case study

 “Within 24hrs I was inside the kiln. I installed the safety cages first. The safety cages are wide enough for me to plank off with 3/4" ply board. I then installed the rig. The frame was just rolled in on the ply board and the rig was set up as normal. A good work crew of 8-10men was used on this job and within 3 hrs we were able to assemble everything” 

- Alonzo Ramsaran Kiln Engineer

  • Our Personal Protection Tunnel System is designed for worker safety from falling coating that withstands impacts of up to 250lbs (113.5kg) dropped from 2ft (.6M) with 3:1 safety factor
  • Fabricated from 6061 NT-6 Aluminum with a steel mesh cover
  •   Each tunnel section is 5 ft (1.5M) long and can be connect together as long or as short as needed
  •   To offer workers and equipment a safe haven
  • A protective measure against injury or loss of life
  • Light weight aluminum and easy set up
  • Allows personnel, material and equipment to move safely inside your kiln
  • Used for small patch work
  • The frames have legs which are easily adjusted for varying or uneven terrain (adjusts 24" / 61 cm)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Putting your kiln to bed (bedding your kiln)

Tired of using spring boards or crates to install your refractory to spring line or in reality as high as gravity will allow when bedding your kiln? Take a look at a 21st century solution a custom bedding cart. 

Bricking Solutions has a safe efficient ergonomic design for a fix diameter kiln, kilns with tapers or to adjust for different diameter kilns.  The bedding cart comes standard with a 6,000lb/2,700kg capacity and heavy duty polyurethane casters with kick breaks, allowing a full pallet of bricks to be placed on the bedding cart while giving plenty of room for masons to install the bedding refractory.

For more information please visit our web-site or contact us directly.

Monday, April 2, 2012

It’ Twins!

Bricking Solutions and her employees are proud parents of twin bricking machines capable of bricking from 3.8m kiln ID to 6m kiln ID. These talented machines not only adjust from 3.8m kiln ID to 6m kiln ID, but are able to adjust easily in the kiln on the fly to make bricking though tapers and conical sections a breeze. 

They are born with all of the features desirable in a modern bricking machine, such as cut away center section in the up kiln arch for easy access to the all important keying area, ergonomic stair step mobile work platform / center arch support for easy access to the kiln shell when installing brick, the largest work platform in the industry for comfortable working area and reduced rig movement.


We could go on and on about our babies, but do not want to seem to bias about our children. We know that the adopting parents of these machines (Sister Indian cement plants (Ultratech Rajashree and Ultratech Rawan) will also do plenty of bragging.

 Here’s our newly born babies in the maternity ward. One machine trying out its 3.8m size and the other is flexing its 6m muscles.

Set up at 3.8M
Set up at 6M