Monday, July 23, 2012

Modeling Quality

All of our products manufactured by Bricking Solutions are designed utilizing the latest solid modeling software.  This ensures attention to detail during the design of our products before we even cut the first piece of aluminum.  By modeling our products, we ensure optimal fit of components during assembly, precise alignment our product with your application or kiln, proper ergonomics so your work can be completed safely and efficiently, and accurate and complete structural analysis to provide the specifications you need.
In the case of a bricking machine, the solid model allows us to move the components of the machine through its range of motion and configure it for each application.

A complete solid model of our custom EZ Flexx FDEOR machine

From the solid model, we also derive detailed drawings for accurate manufacturing and archiving of our products. 

a page out of a typical FDEOR drawing set used to manufacture a project

For custom products, we further our study by running a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on key structural areas.  All of our products are analyzed in this manner initially and then as needed as designs deviate from standard studies.

a maximum load applied to one of the frame trusses

And of course, the tried and true hand calculations will never go away.  Although there is so much that we can substitute with software, the use of basic hand calculations can be quick and give our designers additional confidence in our structural models.

a typical manual engineering calculation page
At Bricking Solutions we constantly strive to improve our tools and processes to provide our customers with the highest quality products.

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