Thursday, August 23, 2012

Proper refractory staging for efficient and safe refractory installation through safe and effective material handling

The number one reason for slow bricking times is slow supply of brick to the masons. Every plant has different obstacles such as: limited access, small burn floor, small kiln diameter, or the location of the job. Replacement of brick could be down in the cooler or way up in the intake section of the kiln. These are only a few of the many different examples of difficult supply demands. 

Whether you own our EZ FLEXX bricking machine, our old classic MOR or an off brand bricking rig we can help you make the use of your bricking machine more efficient with many material handling options.

If you don’t have access for a fork lift but want to place full pallets of brick up to your bricking machine take a look at our new incline conveyor, for any size bricking machine with a working angle up to 40 degrees.

Your bricking machine does not allow fork lift access up kiln under your rig you may want to consider a couple options:  a 12”/305mm or 20”/508 wide hydraulic conveyer system any length from 20’/6m to 280’/85m to bring brick up kiln feeding your bedding crew and the up kiln end of your bricking machine.  


Another solution for this issue is or unique port-a-track coming standard with 35’/10.5m of track, two pallet carts and a electric winch for pulling full pallets of bricks under your bricking machine up kiln to your bedding crew.

Still using spring boards or crates for your bedding crew to brick to spring line and higher you should check out our custom bedding carts for any size kilns, can be designed to us in multiple diameter kilns.

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We have spent many hours with customers and contractors going over their needs and transportation is by far the hardest to over come. There are many ways to move brick, on a particular job. There may be only one good way or a combination of ways. That is why we have tried to develop transportation systems that are designed for the specific job at hand. 

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

2 Man Safety Inspection Cage for Adocim Cimento

Congratulations to Adocim Cimento Beton Sanayi Ve Ticaret and Thank You to Somer International for a new 2 Man Safety Inspection Cage custom designed for a 4.15M and a 4.4M kiln.

 1.5M (5 feet) of portable protection designed & certified by a professional engineer. Rated for 114kg (250lbs) dropped from 60 cm (24 in) with a 3:1 safety factor. A shock absorbed panel increases safety.

 Fabricated from 6061 T6 aluminum with a steel mesh cover secured with wing nuts. Protruding bolts on top of frame hold the wire mesh in place.

All sides are color coded for easy assembly. Adjustable height with 4 independently adjustable legs for the varying surfaces and thickness of a coated

The 2 Man cage is easily carried by 2 people using flip-up handles attached to a safety gate. Shoulder harness is standard for increased stability.

 Here at Bricking Solutions, we are always striving to advance our equipment for better efficiency and safety. We rigorously test our equipment to improve our designs.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Refractory Installation Equipment Care

The following is an excerpt from our BBS Service manager, Stacey Rice, response to our agent’s service report and follow up request on how their customer can reduce maintenance costs

“Unfortunately with what I see and your report they are not taking care of the machine. It is important to clean the machine after they are done using it. If they have no place to put the machine that will keep the dust off they should seal it up in plastic so no dirt can infiltrate and damage the system. The system must be oiled at all times. If there is no oil you will defiantly loose cylinders and then the master valves will cease to work, especially with the dirt in the system. 

These types of cylinders cannot be repaired. If they keep the system well oiled and they are using mud, they should wipe down the shafts often to keep the mud off them. They can also use a silicone spray on the cylinder shafts to help keep the mud off them. Mud on the cylinder shafts breaks down the o rings in the tops of the cylinders."

"They should avoid water in the system, Keep the lube bowl full of oil (to the max line) all the times, The actual bowl on the filter section is missing. They also should change the filter every other outage due to their air quality issues. They need to avoid water and dirt though out the system. If that is the quality of the plant air they should get a dryer to put on their line. Look up “Tufit Auto drain valve” it comes from Jaipur.  They are inexpensive in price."

Stacey’s response is right on! You would not drive a car that wasn’t well maintained or without oil or with water in the gas, the same applies to our equipment. Treat the equipment with respect and it will serve you well. Preventative maintenance and general repair maintenance education is critical. This educational service, evaluation (not only of the equipment but of the people charged with the care of the equipment) is valuable. In the US more and more customers are not only willing to pay for the service one time but want to reeducate, reevaluate on a regular basis.”

When you add safety issues to the maintenance, preventative maintenance and regular evaluations of the equipment you have a full fledge service program that provides a marketable service to the customer. I emphasize the word “Service”. We do not want our equipment to get a bad reputation due to negligence and do not want our customers to suffer the consequences.

Bricking Solutions has developed a new division BBS Services. BBS Services is centered around providing our customers the highest level of customer service and proper training to make sure your bricking machine is ready for your next outage. With over 30 years of Refractory installation knowledge in our BBS services team we offer refractory consultation to further your kiln optimization. 
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hydraulic Conveyor used only 1 time for $36,992

305mm (12”) wide by 61M (200’)Long Hydraulic Conveyor used only 1 time for $36,992
(2012 New price: $53,340)
  •  All-aluminum, modular conveyor system designed for portability, easy set up, and trouble free performance
  • Reversible variable speed hydraulic drive set for local voltage/cycle requirements.
  • Modular systems can be assembled in 10 ft increments (20 ft minimum).
  • Combination slider-bed and idler-roller design.
  • Modular system has interchangeable sections.
  • Rigid tension connection.