Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Refurbished Classic Stair Step (EOR) with a range of 3 - 5.5M Brick ID $44,750

  • 2,726 kg (6,000 lb) capacity can accommodate 1 pallet of refractory plus masons and tools
  • Unique Cut-Out Keying section allows easy access to key masons
  • All new Quick-Connect cylinders
  • Each arch has its own 3-Way Master Valve. All cylinders on both arches can be operated independently or in unison. When dropped or raised in unison, they are ready to be deployed independently without being reset.

  •  Pneumatic powered hydraulic jack with finger-tip controls
  • Segmented double arch, screw jacks & hydraulic arch jack adjusts for different size kilns.
  • High grade T6-6061 aluminum alloy, lighter with superior strength
  • Crated and ready to ship within 5 business days

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