Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fork Truck Bracket

  • Utilizing a fork truck, you can easily transport a completed arch or set of machine frames in and out of kiln
  • The use of a fork truck bracket enables the arch and frames to be moved without being disassembled, saving time during each use
  • With arch turned parallel to fork truck and kiln, and bracket fully engaged on forks, front of arch leads fork lift wheels by approximately 10 feet (304.8cm)
  • Safety Features designed into both standard and optional dual functionality Fork Truck Brackets include chains and hooks to secure arch to bracket, fork lift locks to secure bracket to forks, and locking pin to keep bracket in position.
  • Dual Functionality Bracket designed to move bricking machine into the next refractory zone in the kiln.
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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Brick Lining Equipment for Ambuja Cement - Rabriyawas Works

Thank you and Congratulations to Ambuja Cement Limited - Rabriyawas Works for their order of a Premium Ez Flexx EOR Bricking Machine, Kiln Laser Target and Burner Alignment, and Fork Truck Bracket. Thank you also to The Consultants for your hard work!

Bricking Solutions makes the SAFEST most EFFICIENT bricking machine in the industry. We have been designing refractory maintenance solutions for over 40 years.

 optional 17ft deckThe 17ft deck stores up to 3 pallets of brick which reduces handling of brick. 15,000 lb capacity and deck space increases efficiency and safety.

 heavey duty fall guards

 All machines come with standard fall guards to prevent falling. Heavy duty fall guards come with a standard pull out center for placement of brick pallets and swinging gate on ladder side for access on both ends of machine.

perf-o-grip planking
Custom non-skid aluminum Perf-O-Grip planking for sure footing and less build up. Color coded and lightweight for easy assembly.

6061 T6 Aluminum frames

All our machines are built with high grade 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum. T6 aluminum is 1/3 the weight of steel, but just as strong. This makes assembly much safer, easier and faster.

Ergonomic stari step designErgonomic Stair Step Design incorporated into the arch trolley for large kiln diameters is built into the work deck to reduce worker fatigue and increases safety and productivity.
dual access

A standard ladder can be used on either up or down kiln. An additional ladder can be acquired for dual access to increase productivity and provides dual access in case of an emergency.

green castor
 Double wheel castors made of polyurethane to protect bricks and allows machine to advance easily up kiln. Castors occilate and can be rotated allowing the kiln to be rotated while machine remains positioned inside kiln. Kick brake is fast and easy to ensure unwanted movement.

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