Friday, May 31, 2013

Cement LLC's new Ramp and Load Fixture in Russia

 Cement LLC in the Leningradskaya region of Russia became the fourth Russian Cement plant to upgrade to a 6061 T6 high strength aluminum kiln access ramp system for safe and efficient kiln access, while also becoming the first Russian plant to take advantage of the unique Bricking Solutions load fixture design for installation and removing the bridges section.

Bricking Solutions load fixture is the safest most effective design for install and removing long bridge sections spanning over 6m or more, Cement LLC’s bridge section is almost 9m coming in at 8,7m long. 

Not only does the load fixture make it safe and efficient to remove and install the long bridge section but it also allows Cement LLC to lift the bridge section to rote the kiln during repairs without remove the bridge.

Bricking Solutions aluminum ramps are half the weight of a steel ramp and just as strong, with over 40 years or engineer design experience behind us Bricking Solutions is the leader in the process industry with custom fit aluminum ramp access systems.

Cement LLC just had their new ramp and load fixture system commissioned by BBS Technical Services and used it for the first time this past Month April 4, 2013.  Congratulations Cement LLC.
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Shurovsky Cement, Holcim Russia, receives new Mini Econ-O-Ring Bricking Machine

Thank you and Congratulations to Shurovsky Cement, Holcim Russia in the Moscow Region and Hoganas AB Bjuf for their order of a new Mini Econ-O-Ring (MECOR)

The Mini Econ-O-Ring (MECOR) is an adjustable, economically priced, small duty machine designed to service kilns from 47" (1.2M) to 98" (2.5M) kiln diameter.


The MECOR is a single arched adjustable bricking machine.

 Mini Econ-O-Ring can be used in burning chambers for paper mill drying kiln, tertiary return duct in a cement plant, satellite cooler tubes on a cement rotary kiln, and small vessel, kilns and furnaces.

 It is manufactured out of lightweight aluminum and can be assembled in 30 minutes once inside the kiln.

The MECON is constructed in small components and can be handled by two people. The machine is designed to fit into limited access kilns.


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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

All Bricking Machines are NOT Created Equal

Who is Bricking Solutions and why are our products better than the rest? Please watch our 2 minute video.

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A 2 minute video that briefly illustrates that our machines are proven to be 30% - 40% more efficient than competing products and 50% to 75% more efficient than outdated methods.