Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Torpedo Ladle Bricking Machine

Did you know we also manufacture custom brick lining machines for torpedo ladles? Our most recent custom machine was for Zapadno Sibirskiy Metallurgical Combinat - West Siberian Steel Works (ZSMK)  Russia.   

  • This bricking machine is designed for installation of refractory bricks in torpedo ladles for the steel industry.

  •  Replaces old fashion wood form and wedges. Reduced set up and installation time

  •  Arch stabilizer post to adjust proper distance of arch from shell. 

  •  Arch Trolley cart to support arch and move the length of the deck

  • Designed and fabricated out of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum with custom Aluminum Perf-O-Grip Planking and a 2,722 kg (6,000 kg) net capacity aluminum frame with rails to support trolley

  •  Custom made flex arch with flexible hinge connections to allow arch wings to adjust toward and away from kiln wall Arch stabilizer post to adjust proper distance of arch from shell

  • Arch Trolley cart to support arch and move the length of the deck

  • Curved Aluminum Wrappers to support machine on the bottom of torpedo kiln
  • Cylinder bumpers articulate to allow full contact with the refractory. 3 Way Master Valve allows for independent operation or all cylinders simultaneously.

  •   The Lubricator Filter is equipped with an emergency shut off valve in case of sudden air loss. 
  • Custom built for any size torpedo ladle

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Our Ez Lift Platform in Action

Custom platforms for Cyclones, Vertical Lime Shafts and BOF process furnaces

  • Designed to meet specific platform size, diameter range, load capacity, and features
  • Platforms maybe assembled on the vessel floor or lowered through top opening.
  • Platform is designed to be operated by personnel while on the platform
  • Platforms are modular design. Assembly is relatively easy with parts are no heavier than 50 lb. and no longer than 10’ (2 hour assembly) (Electric hoists are 100 lb. each)
  • Load Capacity varies per customer specification.
  • All structural components are fabricated from aircraft grade aluminum (6061-T6) with a 4:1 minimum safety factor.

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