Friday, January 24, 2014

Bricking Solutions Custom Bedding Cart

The Bedding Cart not only allows for the movement of bedding refractory as the bedding process progresses, but provides stair steps to facilitate the placement of refractory to or just above the spring line on larger kilns. Congratulations to Ultratech Cement - Kotputli Works for their new Custom Bedding Cart.

When bedding out the bottom half of a kiln, staging needs to be erected to provide a flat surface for the mason to place brick to or slightly above the spring line.

 The Bedding Cart also is a storage area for refractory and rolls up kiln as work progresses.

In addition, the deck is on wheels and holds one to two pallets of brick allowing the brick to move in conjunction with the work.

A pre built bedding cart is a one time cost for a fixture that can be used over and over again whereas the standard method of erecting wood staging involves reoccurring cost of labor and material to build.

 In addition, bedding carts help increase the speed of refractory installation thus reducing outage time and increasing production.

By providing a safe and ergonomically correct working platform for the masons, there is a reduction in fatigue and lost time accidents.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

New Steel Fittings

Due to a change in the manufacturers process to reduce material in the fittings for cylinders and master valves we will be changing our fitting supplier. The new fittings will be steel and have a better collar for applying pressure to take out hose, a better swivel feature and a rubber washer instead of a metal washer.

Due to this change the thread type in the cylinders and master valves had to be changed. This will make ordering spares a little tricky. All cylinders and master valves that have a “P” stamped in the bottom of it will accommodate the old and new fittings. However the old threads will not accommodate the new fittings.

So it is important to be sure which fittings the customer will need. All cylinders that are sent out previous to Dec 2013 will be old fittings. All new equipment in 2014 will have the new steel fittings. This will also effect the cylinder assemblies and master valve assemblies part numbers as follows:
OLD - AF103
OLD - AF139

NEW - AF103S
NEW - AF139S

NEW - ASM4058S
8” cylinder assembly with
Steel QD fittings
NEW - ASM463BS Set up for
the Up kiln Arch with Steel
QD fittings

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New 508mm (20") wide Hydraulic Conveyor for Cementos Yura, Peru

Bricking Solutions has been manufacturing hydraulic conveyors for over 10 years. These conveyors are great for transporting new refractory in and removing old refractory out. They are a perfect solution for limited access kiln when a fork lift is not able to go into the kiln.

The conveyor is all aluminum, modular designed for portability and easy set up.

The modular section are 17 kg each for easy set up with adjustable legs.

There are 3 widths to choose from: 305mm, 508mm or 762mm.

Modular systems can be assembled in 305 cm (10 ft) increments.

  They can adjust up to 85M (280’) per minute with no load; with a maximum load capacity of 907kg (2,000 lbs) & approx. speed of 46M (150 ft) per minute. Maximum length 76M (250 ft)

Reversible variable speed hydraulic drive set for local voltage/cycle requirements. 5hp or 7.5hp electric power pack

Combination slider-bed and idler-roller design. Modular system has interchangeable sections. Rigid tension connection.

See it in action here!

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