Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ultratech Rawan Kiln 2 Successful commissioning of their Kiln Access Ramp

Ultratech Cement Ltd, Rawan Plant, 10,000 tpd KHD Kiln 2 - Successfully commissioned their new Kiln Access Ramp.

Prior to their new Kiln Access ramp, there were some difficulties for kiln access as the burn floor has many obstacles. During a plant shutdown, the activities were hampered as manpower movement was restricted due to a narrow entry.  The burner could not be pulled back due to space restriction. Machines like Brokk, Bobcat, forklift etc. were not possible to enter inside due to the obstacles.  Rawan Plant had a platform which was very heavy and not safe for movement. It took long time to assemble as it was not user friendly.

Bricking Solutions, Inc. USA supplied a lightweight tailor made Aluminum Kiln Access Ramp to fulfill customer’s requirement.  This ramp is user friendly as it comes in 3 sections, very easy for movement and less man power required for assembling and disassembling. It can be moved in very narrow space and is easy to lift.  


Assembling of Main Ramp Section took 3 hours. Whole Ramp Assembly took 4 hours only.

Ramp is ready for movement of man as well as machines. Very safe, easy handling and less time required for assembling. It has been designed to take load of Brokk de-bricking machine, BobCat cleaning machine as well as forklift. In fact the ramp is designed such that Brokk can stand in the center of the bridge section to break outlet area / castable.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Successful Commissioning of Bricking Machine and Conveyors for VALE Oman Pelletizing Company

Successful Commissioning of Bricking Machine and Conveyors report for VALE Oman Pelletizing Company by MERTEC Middle East LLC.

Equipment Supplied:
  • Premium EZ Flexx FDMOR Double Arch Bricking Machine
  • 508 mm wide by 58M long Hydraulic Conveyor
  • Custom Electric Incline Conveyor, 305 mm wide
  • Radialign Brick Alignment Device 

Premium EZ Flexx FDMOR Double Arch Bricking Machine
During the commissioning of the Bricking Machine, 5 men were used in the erection of the machine with the support of 3 ton fork lift. The machine was safety erected without facing any difficulties. The fixing tackles like bolts, nuts and pins as well as the wrenches that were properly organized in a tool box enabled the assembly much easier.

Fixing tackles and hand tools properly sorted and organized in the steel box enabling the assembly of the bricking machine hassle free and much faster.
Parts of the bricking machine properly placed together in the ground and sorted to its specific location for easy and fast assembly
Assembling of the minor parts like wheels prior to erection of the bricking machine.

Bricking machine platform completely assembled with the safety hand rail and ladder.

Installation of the center arch with the support of 3 ton capacity fork lift. The center arch was assembled on the ground prior to placing on the platform of the bricking machine.

Center arch properly placed on top of the bricking machine platform sitting on the provided rail.

Attaching the right side arch of the bricking machine to the center arch.
Attaching the left side arch of the bricking machine to the center arch.

Premium EZ Flexx FDMOR bricking machine completely erected with all its safety components and air lines.

Testing of the pneumatic cylinders using 375 cfm air compressor. All cylinders worked properly. The bricking machine was successfully commissioned without facing any trouble.

508 mm wide by 58M long Hydraulic Conveyor
The commissioning of the hydraulic conveyor was done with only 4 segments of conveyor extension plus the drive and tail sections. Dry runs was performed to check the functionality of the conveyor, the emergency stop feature worked perfectly.

Assembling of the hydraulic conveyor, fixing of the first conveyor extension section to the conveyor drive section.
Connection of additional conveyor extension. Fixing of conveyor extensions was easy and fast, thanks to the slide and pins system to secure each section.

Checking of the power pack prior to connection to electric power source.
Dry running of the hydraulic conveyor with rolled conveyor as load. The conveyor ran smoothly and emergency stop features works perfectly.

Custom Electric Incline Conveyor, 305 mm wide
The Incline Conveyor was commissioned horizontally on the ground, just for the purpose to check the functionality of the machine without load. Emergency stop feature worked perfectly.

Final fixing of the inclined conveyor

Fixing of the 308 mm conveyor belt for the inclined conveyor.

Inserting of the conveyor belt below the incline conveyor.

Inclined conveyor assembly ready for dry running. During the dry run, load test was also done using rolled belt and the machine ran smoothly and emergency stop featured works perfectly.

Radialign Brick Alignment Device
The commissioning of the Radialign brick alignment devise was done on actual operation during the brick installation in the rotary kiln. The device works accurately in making of reference line and periodical checking of brick alignment during the installation. 
Complete set of the Radialign Brick Alignment Device in its customized package

Setting of first circumferential reference line in the rotary kiln with the brick alignment device.

Marking of the reference line with straight edge and chalk marker that comes along with the device in the package.

Setting of bricks after marking the reference line. The device gives accurate reference for the brick lining that prevents skewing of the brickworks.

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