Friday, August 28, 2015

Hydraulic Conveyor for Material Handling

Bricking Solutions makes a wide variety of products for Refractory Maintenance. It is all we do. One product that we have been manufacturing for 15 years is our Hydraulic Conveyor System. 

  The Conveyor System not only brings refractory into the kiln when fork truck access is limited but can also be used for removing debris out of the kiln or even the cooler to help with mucking out.

The Conveyor System comes in 3 widths and a variety of lengths; 304.8mm (12”) with max length of 85M (280 FT), 508mm (20”) with a max length of 76M (250 FT), 762mm (30” ) with a max length of 45M (150 FT). 

Our conveyor systems has  a maximum capacity of 2000lb/907kg over the full length of the conveyor and a speed of 45M per minute. 

Our conveyor systems have a drive section where the hydraulic power is connected to and a tail section with a drum roller allowing the conveyor belt to return to the end, these two sections have a combined length of 10’/3m. 

 The sections between the drive and tail are called extension section which are 10’/3m long giving the conveyor the ability (depending on the length you have requested) to adjust from 20’/6m to a maximum of 250’/76m.

The conveyors connect very easily with two workers bringing each section together and adjusting the legs to desired height.  They have forward and reverse gears so they don’t have to be taken apart to reverse the direction of the conveyors movement and they have variable speed control for efficient brick management coming into the kiln.

Watch our conveyor in action! 

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Bricking Solutions Ez Lift Suspended Platform

We have designed and tested and re-designed for a new and improved Suspended Platform. Bricking Solutions has been manufacturing refractory maintenance products for over 40 years and the Suspended Platform is the Safest, most Effective work access in vertical vessels.

Watch this quick video to learn more! Ez Lift Platform Video

The platforms are made from high-strength aluminum and designed by our certified engineers. The platform has been carefully analyzed for structural integrity as well as preforming real load tests and conforms to safety standards such as; OSHA, ANSI, CSA and EN.

Our Modular design with light-weight aluminum allows for easy assembly in any vertical vessel and all components weight less than 18 kg each and can fit thru a 560mm access hole. This also allows the platform to be completely assembled in a matter of 1-3 hours (depending on work crew and anchor points in vessel).

The Ez Lift Suspended Platform  is configurable from 3.5M - 7.5M diameter and is adjustable while suspended with outer panel change out. 

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