Friday, October 30, 2015

Used Premium Bricking Machine 12.5' - 19.7' / 3.8-6M range for discounted price ready to ship immediately!

Premium EZ Flexx full adjustable Bricking Machine is ready to ship at a discounted rate! This machine has been used only once and is in excellent condition. This machine is perfect for contractors or if you have multiple kilns in different ranges. This machine has a range from 12.5' - 19.7' / 3.8 - 6M

Our premium machine comes with a steel storage container and all the installation tools needed for refractory installation.

The machine is unlike any competitors. Made from T6-6061 high grade aluminum which weighs 1/3 of steel. Our machine can also be fully assembled in as little as 2 hours!

15,000 lb / 6,810 kg capacity and a 17' / 5.2M long work platform allows for 3 pallets  brick, men and tools to be on the machine for quick and efficient brick installation.

Cut-Away Key Section, exclusive to Bricking Solutions, gives the Key Mason easy access to down kiln arch giving a clear view for critical key brick installation. Pneumatic powered hydraulic jack with finger-tip controls and shim driver are standard with every machine.

Domestic delivery 1-2 weeks. Ocean / international delivery 20-50 days.

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