Thursday, September 1, 2016

Radialign Laser price reduced significantly!

Great News! We have a fantastic opportunity from now until the end of the year on our Radialign Lasers. We have a huge price reduction of over $4,000 off the original pricing.

The Radialign laser ensures the precise placement of each row of brick. Radially aligned brick is vital for longer brick life and less downtime. Radialign can be assembled and ready fro use in less than  30 minutes.

The old method of using the radial welds inside of the kiln has been replaced by the Radialign. Marking the kiln every 10ft (3m) allows the masons to ensure proper radial alignment.

The Radialign produces a continuous laser light parallel to kiln’s axis which is intercepted by a rotating pent a-prism device. This refracts the laser perpendicular onto the circumference of the kiln shell. This line can be marked at points along the kiln, which are then used as an exact reference for installation of the refractory.

 Durable transport box hold brick alignment device. Comes with rechargeable batteries
and A/C Adapter.

Watch the Radialign in action here!
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