Monday, May 7, 2018

Work from the Bottom Up - Bedding Cart

Speed up bedding out larger kilns while providing a safe, ergonomic working deck with stair steps for higher brick placement.

The Bedding Cart is a portable aluminum rolling deck with ergonomic steps to allow masons to bed the bottom of the kiln up to the spring line with ease. The stairs allows for higher brick placement in larger kilns. Large casters with a kick brake allows the cart to be moved safely over newly bedded brick with damage.

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Friday, April 20, 2018

New Catalog

Here at Bricking Solutions, we welcome you to take a look at our latest catalog.

 The latest version features all our different models of bricking machines and important specifications. There are also some products you may not be familiar with. Have a look!

High Quality Download

Web Optimized Download

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Our NEW Universal Safety Inspection Cage

Introducing the NEW Universal Safety Inspection Cage. Here at Bricking Solutions, we took our 16 years experience of engineering and manufacturing Safety Inspection Cages and incorporated the latest safety and design concepts to create a Safety Inspection Cage that is still the safest in the industry, but only weighs 64 kg!

In these years that we have been engineering and manufacturing Safety Inspection Cages, we have built over 180 cages and tunnel systems to customers all over the globe.

Suitable for kiln sizes ranging from 4M up to 6M

Modular construction for maximum versatility

Bolt and Pin connections for quick assembly


Impact Rating 114 kg (250 lb) from over 2438mm

Heavy duty nylon safety netting to protect workers from the smallest to the largest size of falling debris.

Components 6061-T6 Aluminum

CE, OSHA and AWS D1.2 Compliant

Total Weight 64 kg (140 lb)

Flip up handles for carrying

Assembles / Disassembles in 20 minutes

Pointed leg tips for secure stability into refractory

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Not only the safest but also the smartest

Successful cement operations are more about finding new, efficient ways of doing the work in order to increase profits and outsmart the competition.

That’s why you see a growing number of Brokk machines and Bricking
Solutions equipment in cement kilns around the world – the intelligent
demolition powerhouse that offers strength and flexibility combined with the safest, most efficient installation products is a sure way to minimize plant shut down time and maximize workplace ergonomics in a unique, safe way.

Whether you need more power or precision for demolishing a cement kiln with remote-controlled Brokk machines, or the custom installation equipment of Bricking Solutions, both will get the hard job done. With our long list of versatile products, Brokk demolition machines and Bricking Solutions refractory installation equipment are the smartest maintenance solution in both horizontal and vertical vessels.

Brokk and Bricking Solutions make up your complete Circle of Refractory Maintenance

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Is Your Brick Lining Machine The Safest In The Industry

Safety has been our focus here at Bricking Solutions since we started building Brick Lining Machines in 1967. For over 50 Years, Bricking Solutions has been designing and building the industry's SAFEST brick lining machines. 

Important Questions to Ask

How do you know if your machine is safest in the industry?

Bricking Solutions machines are designed, engineered and manufactured  to meet ANSI, OSHA, CSA, CE standards, and are AWS D1.2 Compliant.

Do you know what materials your brick lining machine are made from?

All of the structural components of Bricking Solutions' bricking machines are stamped and certified 6061-T6  aluminum. The same grade that airplane manufacturers use. Bricking Solutions machines are manufactured with 100% aluminum components for lighter overall weight and safer handling.

What is the maximum load capacity of your machine?

Bricking Solutions standard load capacity is 4,000 kg and as high as 6,000 kg with a 5.2M deck length. Industry standard load capacity is only 2,700 kg with a standard 4.3M deck length.

Has the brick lining machine been tested?

Not only does our bricking machines undergo stress analysis tests but we also conduct real live load capacity testing.

Does the bricking lining machine have considerations for working safety?

Our work platform is an Aluminum non-slip surface for sure footing and less build up. Up and down kiln fall guards are standard as well.

Is safety a consideration in the arch structure?

Bricking Solutions' machines comes standard with a Safety Check Valve which will prevent cylinders from falling if there is a sudden loss of plant air to the arch. Being made of aluminum, and properly engineered, each lightweight arch panel is designed for ease of handling which translates to safer, stable, and more ergonomic assembly.

Does your machine assemble safely?

Bricking Solutions' 5M machines only weighs approximately 1,300 kg. Symmetrical part design with pin connections not only makes this machine the safest to assemble but also the fastest.

Does your brick lining machine manufacturer have experience?

Here at Bricking Solutions, we have sold over 1000 bricking machines world wide to the top cement producers in the industry. Many are repeat customer, because they know Bricking Solutions is the best.

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