Tuesday, March 19, 2019

A solution to provide access underneath the Bricking Machine

Bricking Solutions has provided Ash Grove Cement with bricking machines since 1973 so when they came to us and needed a new machine that allowed fork truck access underneath the machine for their 5M kiln, we provided a solution.

Bricking Solutions has been manufacturing bricking machines for more than 50 years with over 1000 sold worldwide. We are able to provide custom made bricking machines including our flat deck and stepped deck design for any kiln size. 

Bricking Solutions manufactures the bricking machine with high quality, high strength aluminum. This allows the machine to be just as strong as steel but much lighter than the competition which allows for not only safer but faster brick installation.

5M machine shown

The stepped deck bricking machine has an ergonomic design incorporated into the work deck which reduces worker fatigue by minimizing bending when placing bricks along the arch.

5M machine shown

The main benefit of the stepped deck machine is access underneath the work deck. Depending on kiln size, clearance is over 2.1M (7'). Especially in larger kilns, clearance can allow for fork trucks to pass underneath and supply bricks up kiln (inlet).


The stepped deck design still offers the highest load capacity in the industry. Standard 4,000 kg 4.3M work deck or Optional 6,000 kg 5.2M work deck.

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Monday, January 14, 2019

Increase Worker Safety with Inspection Cages

Lightweight Safety Solutions

Kiln repair and maintenance are undoubtedly hazardous tasks, but kiln operators can take steps to provide additional protection for workers. Safety Inspection Cages provide heightened protection keeping them out of harm's way from debris that commonly falls as coatings shrink and expand. These cages are lightweight, easy to operate and conveniently pair with our Personal Protection Tunnels.

Lightweight for Easy Lifting

Made of T6-6061 aircraft aluminum, the cages are lightweight – just 140 pounds (64 kilograms) – as much as 50 percent lighter than the steel alternative. The lightweight aluminum makes it easy for two workers to carry the cage with its convenient flip-up handles.

Tested Safety 

The cages shelter workers from debris up to 250 pounds dropped from as high as 7 feet above the cage. Bolt and pin connectors offer quick assembly and disassembly of the cages in 20 minutes or less. A unique spring system and leg spikes provide stability upon impact. Workers are protected from debris by a heavy-duty Polypropylene Knot-less mesh or stainless steel mesh netting that is secured around the outside of the cage.

Pair with Personal Protection Tunnels

Our Personal Protection Tunnels do exactly what their name suggests: provide masons safe passage in and out of the kiln. Similar to the cages, tunnels are designed to withstand impacts of up to 250 pounds and can handle drops from up to 18 inches. 

Safety Cages in Action

Keep personnel out of harm's way with aircraft aluminum Safety Cages

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